5 Beautiful Plants That Do Well With The Sunlight

When we are talking about garden plants, there are certain varieties that grow well in the combination of sunlight and shade. These are the plants that require sunlight for a couple of hours and can do really well. Now, we also have plant variety that simply love sunlight. They love being in the sun all the time and these plants are perfect if you are looking to fill out the center spots of your garden that receive most of the sunshine. Available easily at Greenhills Nursery Ltd London, you can easily drought proof your garden and backyard with the sun loving plants. Now, you would be wondering what all are the plant varieties that we are talking about. That’s why we have compiled a list of sun loving plants that you can opt for this summer. So, let’s get started.

1. Blanket Flower
Blanket flower or Gaillardia falls in the hardiness zone of 3-11. These plants have characteristic bright red and yellow colour flowers that have their own charm. These plants simply love the sunny and hot spots and produce single or dual colored daisy like flowers all through the summer and autumn as well. The plants can grow up till 3 feet and are perfect if you want to welcome loads of butterflies as your guest.

2. Salvia
There are numerous varieties of perennial salvia that can easily withstand the heat and cold wave of the UK. Apart from this, the varieties are also resistant to deer. Some of the cool weather varieties of salvia are Carradona, May Night and New Dimension. The hardiness zone of perennial salvia range from 3-10 with varieties such as Wild Thing, Black and Blue and Hot Lips that can beat the heat zones.

3. Black Eyed Susan
Also known as Rudbeckia, black eyed Susan is a perfect example of sun loving plant. The plant of black eyed Susan can easily gain the height of around 2 feet and gives you wave after wave of shiny and bright daisy like flowers starting from summers till autumn. These plants can easily withstand heat and are drought resistant. These are one of the fine varieties of long-lasting cut flowers, so you can pick them up for bouquets as well.

4. Peony
Peonies are one of the few shrubs that can last for quite a long time. Another name for dependable, many plants of peonies have bloomed for straight 50 years. The shrubs of peonies are around 3 feet tall that are topped with beautiful, large scented flowers during the mid-springs. Another peculiar characteristic of peony plant is the fact that the bloomed flowers are either in single, double or semi double shades.

5. Daylily
If you are looking for plants that don’t require tending all the time, daylily or Hemercocallis is the plant that you are looking for. They are quite an early riser and would display their beautiful, green leaves in early spring, giving way to beautiful blooms as the summer rolls. As they are named, the flowers last for only one day, but you don’t have to worry as the blooms produced are numerous.

With that being said, these are some of the sun loving plants that you can purchase from Greenhills Nursery for your garden. Looking for other gardening tips? Then, stay tuned with us.

Tips For Care and Maintenance Of Plants and Trees in a Garden Bed

Do you adore the light breeze with a slight fragrance of the wood and crisp, green leaves? Then, you also might have the favorite spot beneath the tree at your backyard where you have spent countless afternoons reading or daydreaming. If you are one of those individuals who enjoy just being with nature, you should learn the process of planting and maintaining the trees from their early days when they are still in their garden beds. Before you think of buying conifer hedging plants for sale in the UK, you should know how to take care of them. To help you with that, today we are going to discuss about some of the essential steps and tips to take care of the plants and trees when they are in their garden beds. So, let’s get started.

Steps on Planting:-

Step 1: Choose a suitable spot of your choice with enough sunlight and enough nutrients in the ground. It is better to mark the place with the help of spray paint or a stake so that you don’t forget the area.

Step 2: It is essential to measure the root ball as it helps to expose the root flare. Moreover, the overall height of root ball also helps to gauge the exact measurement of the depth of the hole required for tree plantation. You need to expose the root flare by removing the burlap and the soil.

Step 3: Now is the time of planting the tree. Ensure that the hole you have dug is large enough to easily accommodate the root ball. If possible, the hole should be twice the size of root ball. Gently put the tree in the hole in such a way that the roots aren’t exposed, and the crown is completely above the ground.

Step 4: For refilling the hole, it is advised to use the same soil that was dug out of the hole or you can mix the soil with organic compost. Ensure that no part of the root flare is exposed. Don’t forget to add a little water.

Step 5: Stakes can be used to keep the tree upright. It also helps in better establishment of the roots.

Tips to Take Care of Plants in the Garden Bed:-

  1. Watering: According to the experts at the Greenhills Nursery Ltd, watering can be done continuously for the first two years in case of dry weather. You can also water the plant every second day for the first six months to establish the roots in case of dry weather.
  2. Mulching: Mulching is important to retain the moisture and keep the weed away. Wood chips, leaf litter or bark can be used as mulch. It is always advised to use organic mulch that is easily available at online tree nursery in the UK.
  3. Pruning: Just like all the other steps, removal of dead, broken or withered branches is important. Prune such kind of branches delicately to avoid any kind of damage from the healthy parts. A simple kitchen knife or gardening shear can be used for this purpose.

With these tips, you can ensure that the plants that are there in the garden bed remain healthy till they are deemed fit as conifer hedging plants for sale in the UK.